Saturday, June 16, 2012

Learning Our ABCs

Tot M is quite eager to read on his own. Here are some of the things we're using
to help him learn his ABCs:

Leapfrog Fridge Phonics - we bought this game because its been highly
recommended by other homeschoolers. It sounds off the name and the
sound of the letter. Quite useful as we want Tot M to learn phonics.

ABC Books - There are many ABCs books. Our current fave book is 
Dr. Seuss' ABC.

Starfall - We've recently started going through the Starfall ABCs. Starfall is 
great as it is a free online resource. I am considering getting the one year 
membership so we have access to the other lessons.

ABC Songs - We've been singing many ABC Songs. One of our new favorites
is the Phonics Song which we discovered through mommytg.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Homeschool 2012 Updates

Tot Tray - Scooping Pasta

It's weird. Tot M is only 2.5yrs old and yet we are already feeling some of the
societal pressures other home schoolers are experiencing.

The Primary Schools here have a "big school" set-up. It is normal for a 3yr old
to start going to Kindy. It's really more of a preparation phase for the children.
If we're bent on sending M to a particular Catholic School, we've been told to
consider registering him with the Kindly this or next year. This is to ensure he
has a slot for the upcoming school year. After that, we run the risk of having to
send him to another school school. Hmmm... When M turns 6, we are required
by law to send him to school. If we do continue homeschooling, we will have
to register ourselves with the state. Hmmm... Thankfully, for now, we still
have time to enjoy our homeschooling. AND there is time to pray and to

What is a typical homeschool day for us?
This year we started homeschooling in January, our activities include:
       - A short morning prayer
       - 30 minutes of reading books
       - 1 Tot Tray Activity (occasional)  

At random times during the day, M plays with his toys, and reads books with
us or by himself. TV time is sadly a necessity --- I do have to cook and clean.

One of our homeschooling goals is to develop in M a love for learning. We
think we're headed in the right direction as Tot M enjoys reading his books.

M sings the ABC, counts 1-10 and says words and sentences. It's quite exciting
that he has shown interest in learning how to read.

We're quite happy that M knows how to make The Sing of the Cross. He's
slowly but surely learning the The Guardian Angel Prayer.

H and I are aware of the socialization issues people have with homeschooling.
We have made it a conscious decision to ensure that Tot M has adequate
opportunities to socialize with other children. Thankfully, we found this great
playgroup in our area. It runs for around 2 hours, once a week. On weekends,
M gets to play with the children of friends.

Areas for Improvement
Early childhood educators recommend that toddlers be allowed to just play.
Learning occurs while the child is playing. Sometimes I worry that Miguel
enjoys certain activities but not others. I had the chance to talk to one of the
moms at the playgroup. Afterwards, I realized that sometimes it's just a matter
of personal preference of a child.

One thing I feel I should do more of is to expose M to varied activities. It's
quite easy to just let him do what he enjoys doing. I think it's important for
children his age to try out new things.

Things to Do
I've been trying to look for a curriculum for Tot M. Something that will
develop M's 3Rs via play. I haven't really found one for his age.

I've decided to make a curriculum for Tot M. I have a basic outline but I'm
sure there will be plenty of fine tuning as the weeks progress. Get ready for
exciting times ahead!