Friday, February 15, 2013

Lent 2013

I've been a Catholic all my life. Lent was a de facto; it just came
and went. Yes, I fasted, abstained from meat, and gave up chocolate.
Unfortunately, I was too busy being a Martha about it.

In recent years, I've switched gears. Lent has become an opportunity
to grow my personal relationship with Jesus. I haven't exactly been
successful in my attempts. I have never completed 40 Days of
intentional living; going about my day with a disposition of prayer
and sacrifice. Even if I managed to do so, I'm sure there is much more
that can be learned about the breadth, length, height and depth of
His love. - Eph 3:18 

Here are a few ideas for celebrating Lent:

Our Sunday Visitor recommends that we go back to basics with
The 1-1-1 Plan
One Sin: Concentrate or focus on one sin or fault that is getting in
                the way of your relationship with God and with others.
One Add-in: Add one positive activity that will deepen your prayer
                     and spiritual life (especially if you think you are too
                     busy to put anything more into an impossibly busy
One give-up: Deny yourself something you really like or are
                      attached to.

A Holy Experience has a free Lent and Easter Jesus Tree Devotional. 
There are readings for 17 Days and one just stretches them out for
the entirety of Lent.

The De La Salle Community in the Philippines has a list of
Good Deeds for 2013. The good deeds are acts of kindness
that one can do for others.

Lent 2012  has other ideas on things you can do to celebrate Lent.

Each year, we receive an invitation from the Lord to grow closer to
Him. He invites us to pause, remember and celebrate His passion,
death and resurrection. This is Lent.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello February 2013!

Whoa, that went fast. Yep, we're now at February!

How does one sanely manage 2 kids (3y.o. + newborn) while homeschooling
and working from home? Inquiring minds want to know...

Nope, we're NOT having anyone come over to help, nor getting help, nor sending
anyone to childcare.

Ahh... here's to better planning, organizing and executing :)

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