Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Love love love. Where to begin?

Love can be warm and cozy. Hugs and kisses for a happy moment. 
A long hug on a disappointing day. Coffee and conversations while 
on a long drive. Lounging and laughter on a relaxed weekend.  

Love can be cold and harsh. Going to work when you prefer to stay 
at home. Doing mundane chores when you’d much rather relax. 
Waking up at odd hours to comfort a crying baby. Raising a child. 
Staying strong for the sick and dying. Foregoing luxury now in favour 
of the future.  Saying no when things aren’t right. Agreeing to disagree 
when you can’t compromise. Asking for forgiveness when you are 
in the wrong. Letting go when you’re itching to hold back. 

Love can be fire and passion. Embracing change despite the fears. 
Moving forward because it’s for the best. Baking a beautiful cake 
for a special occasion. Cooking a favourite dish to celebrate a 
success. Sex with the one you’re married to for life. Raising a child. 
Encouraging someone to pursue their dreams. 

We do ourselves a disservice when we expect a song, a book or 
a movie to portray an accurate depiction of love. How can something 
so immense and glorious be expressed in such short a time? Expect 
to see a mere moment of love. Nothing more. Real life and real love 
is an intricate tapestry of emotions and experiences. It is different things 
at different times. Love is something nurtured and cultivated for 
a lifetime. If you must, look to those who live a life of love. Learn from 
their stories of failure and success. Avoid the pitfalls and trappings. 
Do what needs doing constantly and consistently. Pray, act and believe 
that you too will reap the fruits of your labour of love.

Remember remember remember. LOVE is ancient and eternal. Love 
springs forth from the Almighty who is Father, Son and Spirit. God 
who is Creator, Redeemer and Paraclete. The One for whom our hearts 
will always be restless until it rests in Thee. You cannot give what you 
do not have. And so, you and I must, could and should — 
love and be loved by LOVE.  

Love in a chorus? Love in a page? Love in a scene? 
That’s not all there is. That’s not all it can be. 
It’s more more more.

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