Monday, February 28, 2011


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Nature is an unforgiving lover. Treat her well and she is loving and
generous. Disrespect her and she will make you wish you never
met her. We experience this when we enjoy good health, clean air
and nutritious food. We also experience this when we have landslides,
red tides, droughts and cancer. Nature was and is meant to be loved
and cherished.

I was brought up to take good care of my health. True good genes help.
But being proactive about one's health was a big thing in my family.

I have long been a non-pork eater. I started even when it was NOT
politically correct to say so. I can still remember the weird stares!!!
Yeah, I sometimes eat hotdog, bacon bits and salami. YUM!!! But these
are exceptions not the rule. My meat is mostly chicken, fish and beef.
I eat fruits and veggies. I drink lots of water (people expect to see
me with a water bottle). Soymilk and tofu are staples in the fridge.
Farmer-grown, non-gmo and organic ---- love it!

Nowadays, I am considered normal. Yeah, it's been great that more
and more people have a healthy lifestyle. The popularity of running,
cycling and pilates is proof. Taking natural supplements is another.
And the list goes on.

I think it's about time people gave 
natural family planning
a second
thought too.

I know people who are on the pill. They complain about irritability
and migraines. They complain their hormones have gone ballistic.
They complain they're bloated and fat.

Maybe your body is telling you something.

I do look forward to the day when Natural Family Planning becomes
THE intelligent option. It's HEALTHY, it's ORGANIC and it's FREE.

The Billings Ovulation Method is one of the most preferred natural family
planning methods. You may want to try it too if you're "trying" for a baby.
Click on the link or go here:

If you're on the pill for medical reasons, please make an informed
decision based on what you and your doctor have discussed. This is
not what I am talking about here.

Im sure it would be exciting to see everyone's rants and raves on
this matter. However, I'd hate to see this turn into a mudslinging
contest. I am exercising my right to turn off all comments on this
matter (pro and anti). Thank you for respecting my request that
you hold your discussion elsewhere.


ETA 2016: This came about because Baranggay A's controversial
PROLIFE Baranggay Ordinance created quite a media buzz. These
were my thoughts back then.

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