Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sensory Table Activity: "Jello"

Little M is now 1 year and 1 month. Apparently at this age, the little ones
start discovering their likes and dislikes. It seems Little M has developed a
dislike for mush. Wet and dry are okay. It's the soft and mushy that seems
to bother him. Thus, I decided to do a Sensory Table activity.

A Sensory Table is a "container" that kids can use for exploratory play.
I am using the word container loosely as I've seen people use tables,
plastic containers, cardboard boxes and just about anything that
is safe for child's play. Yes it is play but there is a whole lot of learning
behind it.

You can do many things with a Sensory Table. But of course there is the
age appropriate factor. Little M often attempts to put things inside his
mouth so I was challenged to work with edible materials.

Our first sensory table activity made use of red agar (also known as
gulaman). We had a small container of agar and a tray to catch the
goop that oozed out. Note to self: use a bigger container the next
time! Our play time lasted for around 5 minutes. Then M was off to
playing with other toys.


  1. hmmm,interesting...will provide jacob with a sensory table in right now! - rache

  2. Hi Rache!

    Great! I'm sure you and Jacob will have loads of fun with it :)