Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to Conquer Overwhelm

The cheque is in the bank. The kid is tucked in. The hubby is prepared for our big 
move. And yet I can't shake off the feeling that something is amiss. Why why why?

3 Things Im doing to conquer the Big Overwhelm:

1. Revisiting my Goals and Priorities.
Im blessed because I can still afford to be a WAHM. However, being a WAHM
doesn't mean I have all the time in the world to do the stuff that I want to do. 
Yes I've managed to get rid of the travel time but I'm just as busy as when I had the 
corporate job. 

One activity I've had to rethink is homeschooling. My homeschooling attempts
have been on and off. It seems more realistic to do it less frequently but more
consistently for a longer period of time. Meaning, I should ditch the grand plan
of homeschooling everyday because 3x a week is really more sustainable. Then
when we do our big move; M will probably attend school; I will just focus on
providing quality after school activities. This makes more sense than me worrying
that M isn't getting the education that he needs.

2. Embracing my humanity.
I am not a superwoman. And it's okay that I am not. So some things are not
working out in the way that I'd want them to. No use kicking myself on things
that are clearly unrealistic. I can accept that certain things don't fit. I can adjust. 
I can create new plans. I can do other things to achieve the same end goals.

3. Recharging my spirituality.
I definitely need to get my prayer time back into gear. I need God to enlighten me
on what needs doing and what needs pruning. I need Him to provide me with
courage and strength for the challenges up ahead. And I need Him to teach me
to appreciate the blessings and opportunities that I'm overlooking. Oh yeah, only 
He can assure me that things will work out.

I guess I'm like most women; trying hard to be a superwoman when all I really 
need to be is myself.

Image courtesy of daedalust


  1. You can do it Mama Mia! When is the big move going to be? Our prayers are with you, 'H' and 'M'.
    BTW, I just realized now that you really embraced the nickname 'Mama Mia'. Does the credit go to our HH? I'm emailing this to them! :)

  2. Thanks Teacher Weena! :) With God's grace, the big move is happening soon :)