Monday, August 9, 2010

The Best Php150 I've Spent in My Life!

H and I have been wanting to have a studio shot of the baby for the
longest time. We've been delaying it as it can get pretty expensive to

So, I am happy to share that Picture City is doing this service at a
minimal fee. There are different packages available. The one that
we chose cost us Php150 ONLY!!! This is for 5shots with 1 8R pic
and 12 wallet size pics. I availed of the option to switch the wallet
size pics to 3Rs as I'm not a pictures-in-the-wallet kind of mom.

Do take note that this is strictly for studio shots only. No props, no
costumes, no pedestals, etc for the baby. The photographers are
not the "pro" type either. And you really can't just have them
"click-away". The payment is meant for 5 shots; but that didn't
stop me from requesting for a few extra shots to be taken.

All in all, at php150 (plus php20 for a cd), this is definitely a good

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