Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Countdown to 100 days


President Franklin D. Roosevelt had such an impressive first 100 days in
office that all heads of states are now graded for the first 100 days of their

The first 100 days counts in other things as well: first 100 days in a new job,
the first 100 days of school, the first 100 days of a project, etc etc etc…

Well, tomorrow is a 100 days of sorts… Depending on how you see it…
September 22 is the start of the last 100 days of the year… OR September 22
is the first 100 days leading to 2011… Wow! Where did the time go?!?

Self-assessment time!

How has 2010 been for you?
What else do you intend to do?
And yes, what does 2011 have in store for you?

Let me know your thoughts… I'm giving away a Php500 Sodexho Pass
for the most interesting comment… I'll announce the "winner" on October 15.


  1. whoah! this is pretty hard! hahah! hmm..

    2010 has opened great doors for me, I enrolled to Sir Jomars online club last JAN 5, 2010 and started earning extra ever since. Feb 11, 2010 i gave birth to my 2nd daughter AShly and she's been raining our hearts with happiness plus her Ate Emily's great Job in school as a nursery is really storming us with Love and blessings! I also started my online business of selling prepaid loads at http://philippineprepaids.com/ and has been earning enough to help hubby get through the expenses somehow.

    For the remaining 100 days of the year i still intend to learn more about earning online. i wanna try all the means. though time is really scarce on earning online while being a mom at the same time, i guess i will be needing more than a hundred days to fulfill that. so much to do with so little time talaga.

    for the year 2011, i really want to start a VIDEO BLOG! hahaha! with my daughters as my co-stars! lol! admit it, its really hard to face the camera and talk. its been a great talent for others who can do it very well. and i really wanna do it! i've done it before and i suck at it and i wanna do it again until i mastered how to do it haha! plus the idea of learning reflexology, massage theraphy, advance photoshop. and for the upcoming years of my life im still not giving up of finding a way to skydive anywhere in the world, helmet diving in bora, some asia tour, a million hits on youtube (with my videoblog!) who knows, this could all happen in 2011...

  2. thanks for your inspiring comment!

    i know, i too want to go into "vlogging"... who knows nga! your daughters could be the next charice :)