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How to Get an NBI Clearance for an OFW

**28 Sept 2013 Update**

I am updating this post as people still drop by in search of answers.

Let me start of by saying that I have NOT requested for an NBI Clearance
in years.

A year or so ago, a friend did get his NBI Clearance. If I remember correctly,
the new procedure is such that the OFW needs to go to the nearest embassy /
consular office for an imprint of his/her 10 digits (all fingers). This will then
be authenticated. The OFW will then send the document to a family
member in the Philippines. The family member will then have to bring
the document to the NBI for the issuance of the clearance.

Things to remember:
- The OFW should call in advance and make an appointment for this: find out
what documents need to be brought, what fees are involved, what method of
payment is accepted, etc. Take note that not all consular offices can
process this request.
- The OFW should make an authorization letter for the family member who
will process the NBI Clearance.

Good luck and God bless!


Original Post

Hubby is currently somewhere out there. I on the other hand still reside in
THE KAMAO country. Lately, I had the good fortune of having to obtain an
NBI Clearance for H. Yes, no personal appearance is required. BUT BUT BUT,
I had to go to the Victory Mall in Caloocan to get it done.

The fastest way to get there is by LRT. Traffic is terrible from all directions.
Forget parking! The mall doesn't have one?!?!? Remember to alight at the
Monumento Station. When you leave the LRT, turn left then cross the road.
Voila! You have made it to the Victory Mall.

The NBI office is on the 5th Floor. When you enter the building, walk over
to the other end of the mall. This is where the elevator is at. You can
disregard this part. But that would mean taking the scenic route. You see,
the Victory Mall escalators have been strategically placed so that you have
to walk past everyone and everything to get to the 5th Floor. Not that bad
if you're looking for a bargain.

When you get to the 5th floor go to Rm 504. Tell them that Hubby or Wifey
is out of the country and that you need to get an NBI Clearance for him/her.
You then proceed with processing the NBI request (the entrance of which is
at the other end of the 5th Floor). The NBI Clearance comes out around a
week after.

Things to Bring:
1. The OLD NBI Clearance - this is for the NBI's reference. It also
comes in handy when hubby or wifey has the same name as
someone else.
2. Copy of the husband / wife's passport - include the page with
the stamp that shows that your spouse is elsewhere.
3. The CURRENT ADDRESS of the huband/wife - they will put this
on the NEW NBI Clearance.
4. The Authorization Letter - 'nuff said.
5. Official I.d. - this is for the one processing the Clearance.
6. 2pcs 2x2 Photo (White Background) - this is for the NBI Clearance's
owner -- this will be scanned and used for the NEW NBI Clearance.
7. Money for the fees.
8. A black ballpen.
9. "Mr. Magtanong" for the questions you might be too shy to
ask yourself. LOL

Please do not expect a picture. This is the last place you'd want to be
bringing the camera.

NBI Clearance Center
5th Floor Victory Central Mall
Monumento, Caloocan City
Tel 351-4149, 351-0619

Note: This NBI Facility ceased operations on June 2011.


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