Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 Tips on How to Successfully Complete the VA Seminar Assignment

*** December 2014 Update ***

Technology changes and so must we. Use the tools that are recommended in
the VA Seminar. Yes, Blogger may not even be there anymore. Good luck! :)

After more than a year of dilly-dally and delay, I am FINALLY doing the VA
Assignment for the Virtual Assistant Seminar. You see, I attended the VA
Seminar last year and I've been working as a Virtual Assistant for more than
a year now. It's been really great. Now, it's time for better and brighter things.

So what's the VA Assignment for? Well, it's supposed to serve as my online
portfolio. Of course, if I had done the VA Assignment last year, like I was
supposed to, I would now just easily send my resume to prospective clients.
Unfortunately, I didn't. Soooooo, I've been working on it lately, again.
Reality bites huh.

3 Tips on How to Successfully Complete the VA Seminar Assignment:

1. Plan
    Most people dont finish the VA Assignment because they feel overwhelmed
    by what needs to be done. STOP! Affirm yourself that you're going to
    get it done.
    That being said,
    a. Decide on when you will work on the assignment. Daily? Weekly?
        I suggest scheduling this to coincide with your inspired moments.
    b. Decide on which tasks to work on first. Don't expect to do it all at the
        same time.
    c. Look at what others have done. Gain some inspiration and get some tips
        on how to go about doing it all.
    c. Join the FB Group and ask questions from others as needed.

2. Do
    Just do it. One step at time. Rest when you feel tired. Afterwards, work on
    it again.

3. Check then Act
    If you noticed, Check then Act are nicely bundled together. Why? Avoid
    the common mistake of analysis by paralysis; move move move.

    At the end of each week, assess what you've accomplished. Check to see
    if you're progressing as planned. Make the necessary adjustments so that
    you can work better towards completing your goal of submitting your
    VA Assignment. Stop only when you're done.

My Progress
I'm probably 15% done; still have a looooooong way to go. I am terribly
resisting the urge to just get the VA Assignment done and over with.
It's important to do a good job because completing the assignment will
result in more online mileage; it will show if you put in the effort or if you
did things half baked. Patience truly is a virtue.

Need a little more motivation? You might want to read this and this on why
I use blogger.

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  1. Hi there Mia. You're not alone dear. I took the VA Seminar last May. I've started doing my assignment but have somehow stopped. Too busy with my regular sched. But I intend to finish is. Visit me at vaworks.blogspot.com and mytwoitchingfeet.blogspot.com. I have another one, but it's still empty up to now.

    Good luck to us.

  2. Hi Queen Victoria! Hang in there... We can do this :)

  3. I know the feeling Mia. I availed of the OMC2 and with it comes a free downloadable VA Seminar. That was in December 2011 and still I haven't started with the assignment. Always making excuses. I got to thinking, now that the Holy Week is fast approaching, this may be a proper time to do the assignment since I will not be going out of town so might as well do it. And it will be a quiet and solemn week so lots of time to think and analyze.

    Maybe from now till April, I can start researching and make a draft/outline of the powerpoint presentations so that by April, I can combine everything and polish my presentations. I will do it one at a time para di masyado ma-overwhelm.