Friday, September 9, 2011

Start Now and Use Blogger

Starting something new is a difficult thing. You may have your reasons, here are some
of mine:
- There's always tomorrow.
- It's too hard.
- What if?!?
- It's gonna explode!
- Do I really have it in me to do this?
And on, and on, and on....

Yesterday, I asked everyone to make a wild guess on what The Sartorialist, 
Vosgesparis, and Ode Boutique had in common.

The usual answer: fashion, style, artistic and black + white. Okay these
are all true. But....


Whaaaaaat?!? Yes, this is a "technical" post of sorts...

The Sartorialist
Yes, The Sartorialist has been using blogger since time immemorial. You don't believe
me? Use the original URL: and see where you'll end 
up. Okay, he recently switched to Wordpress. But there's no denying that he did really 
well when he was still using blogger; think Time Magazine 2007 Style and Design 100
and paid advertisements from fashion brands.

I love VosgesParis for its minimalist zen type approach to home design. VosgesParis 
is obviously an artist. But I love the fact that that she mildly tweaked her blogger theme
to make it all her own. 

Ode Boutique
Who would have guessed that Ode Boutique is running on Blogger. Even more
surprising is the fact that web developers now get paid to do Blogger design and 
development. I'm sure hard core developers will be screaming in protest. In the
end, it boils down to what works for the client. Interesting!!!

And so, to all who've been deliberating and delaying on starting their 1st website,
my suggestion to you is this: Start Now and Use Blogger. Blogger really is the
simplest thing to use. You can always move on to other platforms. What's most
important is that you take that first step and get yourself online. And......

May that first step bring you to better and brighter things!

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  1. shucks, am still trying to learn how to blog. until now i only know how to post a comment :-0