Thursday, February 2, 2012

On Fire

What comes to mind when you hear the words "On Fire"?

Couples for Christ's Theme for 2012 is On Fire. Wow!

I did some introspection and faced up to the fact that I could NOT truly describe
my relationship with God as On Fire. Hmmm!?!

Honestly, I don't want to go through the: I will do this this this list. It's too
"tired"and tested. Instead, I will try to approach this "renewing" in the
same way that others are pursuing their passions. 

Learn it!
Zee is really into stocks. He constantly updates himself with what's happening
in the market. He closely monitors stocks. Many mistakenly think it's all a
breeze. Time and time again, Zee will tell you that the art of buying and selling
stocks is a discipline.

Ahhh, discipline. I'm sure Zee spends a few hours per day studying everything
so he can make the right stock picks. I'd love to say, "I will devote x amount
of hours everyday to praying and meditating on God's word." However,
I can't peg a number just yet. I also don't want to be too methodological
about it. I am simply aiming for daily prayers and bible reflection. I'm glad
I was able to bring over a 2012 Bible Diary; it has the scripture passages so
all I need to do is read.

Love it!
Jay is a running afficionado. Looking at him now, you'd never know that once
upon a time, he was extremely overweight. He's now quite fit. And then there's
the running clothes and shoes!!! Yes shoes!!! Apparently, running shoes should
only have a certain mileage in them. Then it's off to a new pair. Otherwise, you
risk seriously injuring yourself! As for Jay's schedule, expect to see running
events blocked off until the end of the year!

Time is so dear to us. Sometimes, all I want to do is chill. Instead, H and I have
decided to allocate more time to growing spiritually. There is the regular CFC
activities to participate in. We're also excited for a recent discovery; we hope
it will be a means for us to attend more teachings.

Live it!
My memory is a bit fuzzy on this but -- I think I first met Teacher Weena on the
night that she shared to our community her decision to pursue teaching. I didn't
really know her back then. Regardless, I admired her for making such a brave
career move; teaching is not exactly a lucrative career. Today, Teacher Weena
is an excellent Early Childhood Educator who is positively touching the lives
of children in her community. Kudos to her for living her passion!

I'm currently going through an interesting phase in my life. The recent move is
a bittersweet affair. I'm thankful for this great blessing. Yet it has it's own
share of challenges. Regardless of the circumstance, I've tried to stay positive. So
far so good. I've decided to be more open to sharing my experiences with
others. I've learned so much from the moms out there, I think it's about time I
added to the community pool.

Learn, Love and Live. Can't wait to see if these will put me On Fire.

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  1. Oh I love this post. It got me reflecting. I should learn to live and love for the Lord, that is the only way I can be On Fire.:)

  2. Bianca, I agree with you on that! :)