Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 Tips on How to Capture the Interest of Your Child

Tot Tray - Pasting Cars

A friend once asked me, "How do you get Tot M to do the homeschooling activities?"

I must admit that Tot M prefers some learning activities over others. Reading is one
activity that Tot M really enjoys. I am not surprised when he grabs his books and
requests that we read them together.

Up until this week, arts & crafts activities didn't appeal much to him. He enjoys playing
with his play dough. But don't expect him to spend time on his coloring book. A few
scribbles was all he was willing to do. I'm amazed at how a few changes can improve
the learning experience of a child.

3 Tips on How to Capture the Interest of Your Child

1. Make the most of your child's preferences.
Some boys like dinosaurs, some boys like blocks. Tot M likes cars. Even at his
playgroup, he is the child that plays with the toy cars the most.

Last week, I decided to do a pasting activity.  I cut out images of cars from the
classifieds. Tot M put paste on the back of the images then asked for help to stick
the images on his activity book. Tot M really enjoyed the activity! As a bonus,
that activity made him more willing to do other arts & crafts activities.

Now, I use cars and other vehicles as a starting point for our activities. It is
just a starting point and it helps us transition to other things after.

2. Try different methods.
I've learned that there are different ways of presenting a concept to a child. Some
methods will appeal more to your child than others. Reading, watching videos,
doing arts and crafts, playing with toys, cooking, exploring nature, and so many
other things can be done to teach one concept to a child. Try different approaches
until you find a method that your child will enjoy.

We're still learning our ABCs. Aside from what I've mentioned here, we've now
used a few other ideas to make this a fun and enjoyable experience for Tot M.
More of that in a separate post.

3. Keep it fresh.
Hurray! So, you've found an activity that your child really enjoys. Keep in mind
that at some point your child will tire of that activity. This will happen a  lot
sooner than you expect. You may want to temporarily retire the activity or totally
replace it.

I am constantly researching on new activities for Tot M to do. Thankfully, many
teachers and homeschooling moms are sharing their experiences online.  

In addition, I rotate the toys, books, videos, etc that Tot M uses. This prevents
him from getting tired of one particular activity. It's interesting how unearthed
old toys can once more capture his interest.

I cherish the fact that I am able to watch Tot M grow before my very eyes. I
feel privileged to be homeschooling Tot M. But I know it's not for everyone.
What's most important is that we love our children and genuinely do what's
best for them.


  1. Hi Mia! A friend once called me a "guru mom," but I said I am a guru when it comes to my own children. And I think that it is what this post is all about - knowing your child and following his lead make you a guru mom! Kudos to you!

  2. Thanks Mariel! That is so true! It would be nice to be a "guru mom", but I'd rather be best mom to my kids :)