Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Teach Your Child the Alphabet

One of our current learning goals is to learn our ABCs. There are many ways of going
about this really. We're currently using a Montessori inspired approach: 

Order of the Alphabet
The order suggested in How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way 
by Tim Seldin:

First set:        c  m  a  t 
Second set:    s  r  i  p
Third set:      b  f  o  g 
Fourth set:    h  j  u  l
Fifth set:       d  w  e  n
Sixth set:       k  q  v  x  y  z 

Core: We have a youtube ABCs playlist for M. It's composed of various Alphabet Songs.
Some songs are focused on the letters while others are focused on the phonics.

Every 2 weeks: We focus on a set of letters for the week:
- There's a separate youtube playlist for the specific letters of the week. I chose 4
songs per letter. This gets played after the Core playlist has finished.
- We started with 1 art activity per letter. We might progress to more if Tot M shows
interest in doing so.

Progress Report
- After 3 weeks of using this method, Tot M can recognize most of the letters. He still
needs to learn them all but I'm confident that he's getting there.
- We now need a new Core playlist. Tot M is bored with the old one. Yes, after 2-3
weeks!!!, Tot M has grown tired of his favorite alphabet and phonics songs. Time
for us to retire the set and create a new one.

Getting Started
* Living Montessori Now has an informative post on the Montessori way of introducing
the alphabet to a child.
* If you're looking for youtube videos for your child, here are some that you might
want to check out:
KidsTV123 has a great collection of "starter" videos - ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes
and more.
- Sesame Street is a favorite for many kids. I grew up with Sesame Street so I used
classic Sesame Street videos.
- Hooked on Phonics has great catchy songs. As the name suggests, it's mostly a
phonics program.

Happy learning!

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