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Christmas Color Themes 2012

Christmas is just around the corner. Oooh, love it!

The last quarter of 2011 was a such big adjustment for the family that I didn't get
to properly prepare for last year's Christmas. This year, I'm planning ahead and
devoting the Fridays of November to Christmas Planning for 2012. There will be
a few areas that I'd like to touch on. I'm splitting things up into weekly projects
so that it's all more manageable. Do join me in the fun!

I'll start by sharing with you some Christmas decorating ideas that you can easily
do at home. I know, it's a lot easier to just go to the store, buy a tree then buy a
box of ornaments. However, putting in that little extra effort will help add character
and personality to your holiday decor.

Start by choosing a a color theme. If you dont have the time, nor patience nor
budget for things, this is the one idea that you should definitely do. Think of your
Christmas Color Theme as your base; the one unifying factor for your decorations.

Christmas Color Themes for 2012

1. Red and Gold
The red and gold color theme is such a classic. It's a very nostalgic color theme
for many. You can freshen up red and gold by choosing a few pieces and presenting
them in a different way.

Christmas Balls have traditionally been reserved to the Christmas Tree. Dabney spiced
things up by placing the balls in a bowl and using them as a table centerpiece. 

Fresh Poppy Design hand made these glitter balls and hung them up on the 
curtain rod. If you're the crafty type, this will be an easy peasy project for you.

33 Shades of Green used a few candles and transformed them into these fabulous mood

2. Blue and Silver
Blue and silver is the way to go if you want a classic Christmas Color Theme that's
sophisticated and crisp. Be warned that there are many shades of blue. The trick to
this theme is finding a shade that's perfect for you.

Wrapping empty boxes and placing them under the tree is an easy to replicate Christmas
decor "cheat". Maintaing the same festive shade of blue for the presents and balls makes
things nicely coordinated.

Why not use a blue and silver Christmas wreath to welcome guests into your home?
Make the Best of Things has a tutorial on how she created this one.

Inspiration for Home shows us how decorating the table for the holidays can be as simple
as adding a few ornaments and bows.

3. Tiffany Blue and Chocolate Brown
If I had my way, I'd have more pieces in chocolate brown; clothes, personal items
and Christmas decor. It's a shade of brown that's not easy to come by which makes
the color more dear to me. I know, blue and brown is a popular wedding color theme.
But it can make for an elegant Christmas Color Theme as well.

Coco + Kelly can show us a thing or two on how easy it is to execute a blue and
brown Christmas Color Theme. It's all in the details!

What's Christmas without dessert? You can definitely pick up a few dessert ideas
from A Dozen Eggs' dessert buffet.

Check out Better Homes and Garden's Christmas feature on holiday decorating in
Blue and Brown. Focus on one or two elements to keep it budget friendly.

H and I have yet to decide on the color theme we'll go with. I'll share pics of our
home when the decorations are up. How about you, which Christmas Color Theme
will you be using in your home this year?

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