Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Traditions 2012

If I had my way, the Christmas Tree would already be up. Unfortunately, we still haven't
had time to buy the tree. And with all the other stuff that needs to be bought (we have a
baby on the way), I have considered making our own Christmas Tree.

It's sad how many have become disillusioned with Christmas. For some, Christmas has
become one giant party gone overboard. One thing I've learned is that you don't have 
to do what everyone else is doing. Just do what makes sense.

The Gingerbread House
Every year, I look forward to Market Manila's Christmas posts. I must admit, Christmas
at Market Man's home is a bit grand for my current budget. But I can still dream right.
I love the decor, the tables, the menu, and all the little details that lovingly go into their
Christmas celebrations.

One thing unique about their family is that they make their own Gingerbread House.
They also create a few for select organizations to spread some Holiday Cheer.

The Advent Wreath
When I was younger, the Advent Wreath served as our family's reminder that Christmas
was just around the corner. We would gather as a family, sing "O Come, O Come,
Emanuelle", light the candles and say the prayers. This is one tradition that I just might
bring back this year. Church Year has a weekly guide that is easy to follow.

The Advent Activity Tree
Speaking of Advent, The Imagination Tree has this beautiful post on how their family
is celebrating Advent. The family does one activity daily together; all these leading up to
Christmas day.

The December Daily
The December Daily is Ali Edwards annual December scrapbooking project. It's a
great way to document the many activities that go on in your family in December.
You might want to read Ali's must read post on the simple things that make for nice
Christmas memories. The things we take for granted that can count too.

The Christmas Mini Album
I know, not all of us are ready for daily scrapbooking. Paper Vine has this How To
on creating a Paper Mini Album. This can be a special way to store your favorite
Christmas Photos.

Yes, having a Christmas Tree is tradition on both sides of the family. But it is just icing 
on the cake. In our family, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ. Come to
think of it, we don't need a tree to celebrate that.

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