Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Homeschool Curriculum

At the start of the year, I decided that our 2013 Homeschool Curriculum
will be based on the Hubbard's Cupboard and the ABC Jesus Loves Me
curricula --- for ages 3 and 4. Seasoned homeschoolers have said that I
don't need a curriculum for Tot M's current age. Reading books and playtime
fun are sufficient activities for a 3 year old. The curriculum is more for me;
it's nice to have a framework to refer to when I feel lost.

Of course, we are nowhere near The Plan. The activities just don't appeal
to Tot M. I've talked to other playgroup moms about this -- particularly those
with boys -- it's nice to know that we're normal.

To date, Tot M can:
- Recite the alphabet, identify uppercase and lowercase letters including
  their sounds
- Name basic colors and shapes
- Count from 1-20, plus a few numbers beyond 20
- Understand positional concepts
- Spell a few words (using his alphabet puzzles)
- Write a few letters

The 3 things that have helped learn these skills:
- Reading books
- Watching videos
- Having alphabet toys within reach: fridge phonics + alphabet puzzles

Things we're working on this 2013:
- Reading books: still trying to get back to the frequency that we had last
- Learning how to read: we've started with a few word families and a few 
  high frequency words
- Writing letters: we've used a few manipulatives and worksheets
  Tot M is fascinated with the concept of writing.
- Math: still trying to figure out how to go beyond counting.
- Cutting with scissors: haven't tried this in awhile, let's see if he's ready
- Playing with toys: this fills up a pretty good part of the day

If you're looking for a FREE Homeschool Curriculum for your preschool
child, Truly Rich Mom has a great list that you can start with.


The 2013 NZ School Year started on the 28th of January and will end on
the 20th of December. Our Homeschool follows the same school year.
Tot M is now 3 y.o.

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