Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ready to Read at 3 y.o.

Hurray Hurray, it's been just a few months since he turned 3 y.o. and Tot M can
already read by himself.

I was suspecting it for the past few weeks. But of course I wanted to be sure ~
naughty mama! We borrowed Bears On Wheels by Stan and Jan Berenstain
from the local library. I asked Tot M to try reading the book by himself. He
was happy to oblige. Can you see me grinning from ear to ear!?!

I've talked a bit about what we've been doing here. In a nutshell, our reading
program has consisted mostly of reading together for 30 minutes daily and
Tot M watching mostly learning videos. Yes, you don't need to be a homeschooler
to do that.

Of course, we still read together. There are so many more words, books,
and ideas to discover. Here we come world!


  1. Hi there! saw your post while researching toddler activities. I love this post about teaching them to read! Thanks for just telling it how it is. My son is under 3 and he's in the middle of learning his alphabet. I can't wait for the day he can actually start spelling something out! Thanks for your insight!

    1. Hi Liz,

      Enjoy your learning moments with your son :) Before you know it, he'll know his ABCs and will be reading on his own. How time flies!