Monday, November 7, 2011

05 Nov '11 Manila Virtual Assistant Seminar

Whoopee! Pinay Mom Adventures is nearing it's 100th Post! As a way of celebrating,
I decided to pay it forward by giving a short sharing at the Nov. 5 How to be a Virtual
Assistant Seminar. Yes, I attended this Seminar last April 2010 and have been a Work
at Home Mom since then. Who would have thought huh?

And yet, I could not help but feel excited by the new insights gained from the Virtual
Assistant Seminar. New tools, new approaches and new friends. Thank you Jomar,
staffers and attendees; I had a blast! See you all online!

If you missed the Nov. 5 Virtual Assistant Seminar, you may want to check out the
online version here:

Image courtesy of Jomar Hilario

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