Sunday, April 3, 2011

Find Your Call

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This Saturday, the projectS team members were gathered once more for a Values
Formation Breakfast.

Our special thanks to M for sharing her thoughts on what it means to care for the

I knew M was one tough cookie. I never knew how tough she was until now.
You might be wondering, how tough is tough? Well, not everyone has a
humanitarian job that sends them to war torn Africa; helmet, bullet-proof
vest and all. Personally, I'm just too chicken little for that. To some people,
it's insanity. To M, it's a calling.

I have had the privilege of doing Values Formation activities with people
from all ages and all walks of life. This started waaaaaay back in high school.
Who knew that I would still be doing it today. I have always considered this
as a privilege as I know not everyone has been given the motivation nor the
opportunity to give to people who cannot repay you. I too have been on the
receiving end of such generosity. This is one expression of gratitude and a
way of giving back to society. To some people, it's all futile; people will be
what they want to be. Maybe so. But on a few rare occasions, people walk
up to me and affirm me that their lives improved by these activities. Sometimes,
it all boils down to that. One person means one life plus all others that run
down that person's family line. Hmmmmm… To simplify, you could say,
it's a calling.

How about you? Have you asked yourself lately, why am I here and what am
I really meant to do?

Find your call. Go and accomplish the great task that you (and only you)
were meant to do. Believe me, you're gonna have a great ride!

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