Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Wednesday 2011

Since Monday, I've been throwing out suggestions for Holy Week sacrifices.
You might be wondering, which one/s am I doing?

Let me start off by saying that Virtual Assistants have realities that are different
than most people. By this I mean, most people use the internet some of the time.
VAs have to be online ALL OF THE TIME. Only because that's WHERE we
work.Yes, if the web suddenly crashed (and I hope it does not), my work life
will go crashing down with it.

Then there's the fun stuff that one can do online: blogs, videos, forums, games,
FB, Skype, etc etc etc Staying online for too long can quickly turn into a vice
if you let it.

So, I'm definitely cutting down on my computer time this Holy Week. Good
Friday will in fact be a black out day. This will allow me to allocate more time
for praying and for reading religious books.

On Easter Sunday, I hope to emerge a better Catholic--- inspired and renewed
to face the new challenges that are headed my way, and confident that My Lord
and I can accomplish great things together.

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