Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time to Change Tactics

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting 
different results." - Albert Einstein

I have OFFICIALLY said yes to the My Online Wealth Breakthrough Moment

challenge. OFFICIALLY because I have been trying to get at it since day 1. 
I've been wracking my brains as to why my attempts never flew.

Then it hit me, it's time to change tactics! As with most things in life, you really
have to do different things to get different results. 

I need 150 blog posts by June 30, 2011. Yes, that's 2.5 months from now. 
I've been telling myself, "I will blog daily". Unfortunately, that never happens. 
By day's end, I'm just too tired from the day job and the errands. Im also the 
one who puts M to sleep. And anyone with a toddler will know what I mean 
when I say: telling M it's time to sleep is different from him actually going to 

So, I'm trying what other bloggers do: block off hours of time to create scheduled 
blog posts. Okay, the rules do not state that we have to write all the blog posts 
ourselves. On occasion, I may try inviting guest bloggers. But beyond that, I prefer 
writing the posts myself. 

Stay tuned to see how this all works out.

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