Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 Things You REALLY Should Know About Money

This special delivery really put a big smile on my face. My Variable Life
Insurance Policy is finally fully-paid! I am a strong advocate of getting 
Variable Life Insurance because I think it is one of the most useful finance 
products on the planet. Before you start thinking INSURANCE?!?, please 
read further and then decide.

A few years ago, I was a Financial Consultant of PRU Life UK. It was a 
one year stint but the lessons learned there were priceless! 

I know there are a lot of Finance Gurus out there. I am NOT one of them. 
I am just sharing with you my experiences in the hopes that it will help 
you secure your own financial future.

3 Things You REALLY Should Know About Money:

1. You REALLY have to prepare for retirement.
If you're in your 20s or 30s, I'm sure you'll agree with me that life is all 
hustle and bustle. But once you hit 40, you're suddenly faced with the 
reality that 60 is a real age and that you just have 20+ good years left 
to set aside funds for retirement. 
When I say retirement I don't mean lying in bed to vegetate. I mean being 
kind to yourself, getting out of the rat race and finally pursuing those 
interests that you still wish to pursue. If you don't prepare for retirement, 
you will find yourself still needing to work. Or worse not being able to do 
what you should already be doing.

2. You REALLY want to have your own money in your golden years.
I've seen it happen. Friends who delay getting married because they have 
to financially support their parents. Im sure their parents did not do this 
on purpose. No parent in their right mind would delay their children's 
happiness --- nor jeopardize their own... 

Yes, that's the other side of the coin. When you become financially dependent 
on someone, you unknowingly give that person a certain degree of authority 
over you. Your every purchase just might get scrutinized. You just accept 
the "well meaningreminders" because you need financial help.

It's a difficult situation. Yet, so many Filipinos are in this predicament 
because people accidentally forgot and / or ignored advices to establish 
adequate funds for the future.

3. You REALLY can create a better life for your family.
Most successful married couples that I know share this one trait: husband 
and wife have goals that they are trying to achieve together. A lot of 
planning, communication and effort goes into making goals happen. Having 
goals serve as a deterrent for idle time. Really important as boredom can 
produce not so smart ideas. Also, having goals requires you and your 
husband to go go go do something. 

If I look at what H and I have accomplished and still hope to accomplish,
I am proud of the small victories we've had with our entrepreneurial projects.
Sure, we've had our own share of glitches. We just had to learn and move 
on. Just a suggestion, be wary of people who give great advice but magically 
never made any mistakes in their life. That'll be a first. Oh yes, I am also 
excited for the things that we have yet to do. Better things are still on their 

3 Things You REALLY Should Know About Money are 3 reasons 
that encouraged me to get a Variable Life Insurance Policy and most 
importantly to complete the payments.

In my succeeding post, allow me to share with you my other experiences 
with Variable Life Insurance.

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