Thursday, May 12, 2011

Be Gentle

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- "In the field of child development, discipline refers to methods of modeling 
character and of teaching self-control and acceptable behavior." - Wikipedia

Since day one, we've encouraged M to be gentle with people. M is allowed
to rough up his toys as much as he pleases but with people, he knows  
enough to be gentle. 

Our small successes:
- When M was a newborn, I would tell him while BF, "Be gentle." I'm proud
to say that M has only bit me twice.
- When M was a few months old, I would allow him to touch my face. I
would always say, "Be gentle." I'm happy to say M never got into the 
habit of hitting people.
- When M was more than a year old and hitting could have turned into 
a way of venting out frustration, M remembered that he should be gentle
with his cousins.
- Just this weekend, at 1 year 3 mo.s, M sat beside Lola C, his 90+ yr 
old great-great-grand ma, and gently caressed her arm. Yup, 1 chalk up
for being gentle.

"Be Gentle" is a simple, loving and age appropriate way for us to teach M
discipline. We're starting young because good habits don't just happen overnight;
good habits need to be developed over time. I hope this encourages you to
discover simple, loving and age appropriate ways to teach discipline to your

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