Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Philippines is the Social Networking Capital of the World

Image courtesy of Nations Online

According to 24/7 Wall St., The Philippines is the Social Networking Capital
of the World!

Im sure this comes to no surprise for most Pinoys. I'm probably not the only one
to notice a decrease in emails and sms, and an increase in Facebook posts from
friends. How about hanging out with friends? I think that has gone down
too --- people don't bother to meet up as much because the latest news is on
Facebook for all to see.

Facebook is actually quite useful. You have to understand, most, if not all Pinoys
know at least one person who has moved to another province or another country
(any OFW reading this???). Relationships are highly valued in Filipino culture. Thus,
it is only normal that we Filipinos find ways to connect to family and friends. Thank
you Facebook for making things a lot easier for us.

However, bragging rights aside, we Filipinos just have to be careful that we're not
overdoing all this. Sure, Facebook is a great means of communicating with others.
But let's not allow Facebook to hamper our personal and professional lives. It's
important that we strike a balance between our online and offline activities.

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