Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TED talk Arvind Gupta: Turning Trash Into Toys for Learning

Video courtesy of TED

Last week, I talked about 3 Ways of Getting Affordable Toys. Some of
you were not impressed: "You have a 1year plus toddler". Fine fine.

Today, allow me to introduce to you Arvind Gupta, an Indian Toy
Inventor who turns trash into toys. Do not knock it 'til you've tried it.
Arvind Gupta's toys are something else. The toys are simple enough
to make. It's what the toys can do that are amazing.

It makes you wonder, why hasn't anyone in the country thought about
something like this?

In case you're serious about trying out Arvind's toys, here are some links
to help you get started:
- Arvind Gupta's book: Low Cost Equipment for Science and Technology
  Education free pdf
- Arvind Gupta's Free Films
- Arvind Gupta's YouTube channel

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